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Welcome to my homepage.

As returning vistors will notice, I have recently redesigned this page for the first time since 1996 and have taken the unusual step of including content. The reason for this is that, since I have been listed on Kung's Sliderule Page , I have received a number of requests from people wishing to register my slide rule simulator. I have never been able to set a price for this, however, so there are no registered copies in existance. I have decided, therefore, to make the program freely available! There is no longer an 'unlicenced' version and the current version is freely distributable and usable with the proviso that the complete package only is distributed and that it is not resold or included as part of any other package. I retain all rights on the program and associated materials excepting those parts redistributed under license from Borland.

The latest version is Version 2.01

This is still a work in progess. The help file (unchanged from version 1.2) in particular needs rewriting. The original was developed under Windows 3.1 and I currently have no means of updating it.

New Features in Version 2.01

   Slide & cursor now have keyboard control.

New Features in Version 2

   Stock and body colour is now selectable.
   Scale colours are now individually selectable.
   Unwanted artifacts removed when cursor is moved.
   Magnification window is now movable.
The only known side-effects are that colour support has increased the memory requirement and there is noticable flicker on some machines when the cursor or slide are moved - hardly noticable on a white background.
I developed version 2 using Borland C++ v 5.02 running under Windows 98 and on a 17" monitor at 1024 x 768.

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